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Login FAQs

What is my Online ID?

You may enter any of these identifying items as your Online ID:

  • Your MCHCPid
  • Your Online ID (established by you)

How do I establish my own Online ID?

You must establish an Online ID when you register.

Use this as a guide when creating your Online ID:

  • Your Online ID may contain between 6-50 numbers, letters and characters. Spaces are not allowed.
  • Your email address can be used as your Online ID
  • Your Online ID cannot be a 9-digit number resembling a Social Security number
  • Your Online ID cannot be a 10-digit number resembling your MCHCPid

How does my spouse access this site?

The covered spouse should sign in to myMCHCP using the same login page as the subscriber.

Steps for Spouse to Register in myMCHCP:

The spouse should select Register on the login page. This will direct them to another page with instructions on the registration process. The spouse will need to have the following information in order to register:

  • The spouse's Social Security number
  • The spouse's date of birth
  • The subscriber's Social Security number

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